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Under the KwikMart model, our members will be able to diversify their product range, lift the quality of their service offering and deliver greater value in terms of convenience and pricing to their local community.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

Convenience At Your Fingertips

We take away the stress and time required to re-stock. No more traffic. No more supermarket queues. Just quality, locally sourced products and the best-imported goods. KwikMart Group members order their products online, and we deliver them direct, ready to be shelved and sold.

A Diverse Product Range

A Diverse Product Range

We aim to help our group members provide a wider range of grocery items to make their customers’ shopping experience more convenient than ever before.

Access to Quality Products

Access to Quality Products

Our goal is to bring our members the best quality products at affordable prices to help them grow their businesses. With more variety on the shelves, KwikMart store owners are providing greater value to their local community.

Buying Power & Lower Prices

Buying Power & Lower Prices

We offer our members unprecedented buying power by uniting owner-operated small businesses from across New Zealand within our group. This ensures they pass real value and savings on to their shoppers and build ongoing customer loyalty.


How NZ's Smokefree Law Affects Small Stores

The NZ Smokefree Law Change, with its progressive measures aimed at reducing tobacco usage, has led to significant financial implications for small convenience stores in New Zealand. Requiring them to adapt and find alternative sources of income to sustain their businesses in the face of historic regulatory changes.

Take a look at these important dates and statistics all small store owners should be aware of.

  • Only 600 stores nationwide will operate with a Smoked Tobacco Licence
  • This change will have a profound effect on local stores' revenue, as the sale of tobacco products has traditionally been a significant source of income for these businesses.
  • All non-licenced smoked tobacco sales come to an end at midnight on 30th June 2024
  • As the law progresses towards complete tobacco cessation, the revenue of the remaining 5,500 plus non-licensed stores will be further impacted.
  • 12% plus increase in grocery costs per annum
  • The increase in food costs across all major supermarket chains continues to exacerbate the financial strain on stores and their customer base.
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From our KwikMart Members

Here’s what our members have to say about the partnership.

Being part of the KwikMart group, I know that the future of my store is bright!

Vipul Tailor

Pacific Foodmart, Avondale

I’m excited about the new products and brands my store can sell now. They truly take price and quality seriously.

T. P. Singh

Xpress Mart, Flatbush Auckland

It was a no-brainer for me to join KwikMart. Saving time re-stocking my store each day is the biggest drawcard.

Dhaval Amin

St Andrews Dairy & Lotto Hamilton

KwikMart is a great partner for my store. With a wealth of retail experience, they understand what my needs and challenges are, especially in regards to upcoming tobacco restrictions.


Nelson Street Foodmart, Pukekohe

Because KwikMart is run by people who work in and understand the convenience industry, they give me hope and a bigger vision for my store.

Navdeep Singh

Round trip Dairy & Takeaway

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